Coach K’s Grandson is a College Prospect!

Coach Mike Krzyzewski holds his two eldest grandchildren in 2004: Michael (left) and Joey. Source: The News & Observer.

Famous for Final Four photographs and texting with Justise Winslow (in the gray sweatshirt on the far left), Michael Savarino, grandson of Coach K, is becoming famous for something else: his own basketball talent. The 6’0″ PG out of Durham Academy is a legitimate college prospect, according to USA Today HSS. The Charlotte Observer did an article on him in July and he looks pretty darn good. He also looks very similar to a guy we all know very well thanks to the past four years: Grayson Allen. Mrs. K said that “they look more like brothers than Michael looks with his own brother (Joey Savarino).”

DA Basketball has multiple newer stars between Savarino and 2022 prospect MJ Rice, who is currently at USA Basketball’s Mini Camp.

Durham Academy is rivals with Ravenscroft who recently picked up Alex O’Connell’s younger brother Brady:

Lots of action picking up in Central NC right now! Bleed blue.

Coach K Speaks Out on NCAA Reforms

After the NCAA put out a proposal for the new reforms for college basketball, including changes in the rules regarding agents, the NBA Draft, and more. The changes were not received well, as many important people in the college basketball world spoke out against the rules put in place.

Now, probably one of the most important people in sports has spoken out. Mike Krzyzewski spoke about how the NCAA didn’t go far enough. He gestured to a picture in which leaders from the NCAA, the NBA, the NABC, AAU, and more, met in a summit in 2005, using it as an example. Coach K said that while the reforms were “well-intentioned”, the NCAA lacked coordination. Many reports say that while the organizations met, both the NBA and USA Basketball, who were implemented multiple times in the proposal, felt blindsided. In addition, he addressed the unchanged rules on communication between coaches and players in the summer months, which hasn’t been solved.

You can read more on Coach K’s comments here, but basically, he appears unimpressed. He also mentions the upcoming Canada trip (four days!). Bleed blue.

Oh, and by the way, Jay Bilas on Zion Williamson’s astronomically awesome size and mobility at that:


NCAA Rule Changes Not Received Well

Despite the NCAA trying to at least make an appearance to put the students first, the reforms that the NCAA put in place yesterday were not well received by fans or organizations and participants who were reportedly blindsided by the changes. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski wrote a report on NBA and USAB executives’ surprise at the changes, who did discuss the matter, but neither organization believed they had come to any consensus with the NCAA. USA Basketball intends to expand the sport of basketball, not confine it to “elite players” for the sake of determining who is allowed to have an agent. The organization would prefer that this job is left to the NBA instead.

Myron Metcalf spoke of his dismay on ESPN, in addition with SBNation’s Ricky O’Donnell and Duke Basketball Report’s JD King. The changes obviously attempt to address the issues that the FBI’s investigation surfaced, but do not address them. Really, all I can say is that at least they made an attempt. One major issue? Players who want to return to school must have attended the NBA Combine to be permitted to do so, which only includes a handful of players. If a player attended the NBA Combine, the player is likely to be drafted. Look at the list below:

So out of who knows how many undrafted student-athletes last year, only four would have the opportunity to return to school? Wow. What help.

There are a LOT of issues still to be solved. But at least they’re trying? Well, maybe what they’re “trying” to do is win back favor in the public’s eyes. Regardless, there is work to do. A lot of it.

Featured image on the homepage is courtesy of USA Today Sports.