Trevon Duval Gets Signed

After an impressive performance with the Rockets in Summer League, the Milwaukee Bucks have signed Trevon Duval to a two-way contract. “Tricky Tre” averaged 10.8 points, 5.6 assists, 2.0 rebounds and 1.5 steals per game at Duke this year. He’s got a lot of work to do but this guy has a high ceiling.

Bleed blue.

Trevon Duval Signs with Houston’s Summer League Team

As the only undrafted Duke entree in Thursday night’s NBA Draft, Trevon Duval will attempt to make a roster during undrafted free agency this summer, starting with the Houston Rockets Summer League Team. Duval has plenty to show off, including great size and potential, but will need to work hard after an inconsistent season at Duke. The talent is there: he can make great passes, he’s an elite athlete with room to grow, his shooting could use work but he’s great in the lane; with some hard work, he could gain a permanent spot in the league!

LIVE UPDATES: Duke in the NBA Draft

Marvin Bagley, III, Wendell Carter, Jr, Gary Trent, Jr, Grayson Allen, and Trevon Duval are all ready. Who will pick these talents up? Who will be reunited with teammates? Updates are here. The NBA Draft is live on ESPN.

UPDATE: Marvin Bagley, III, is selected #2 by the Sacramento Kings

Marvin Bagley, III, is going to wear purple and silver next year as a Sacramento King. Marvin is explosive and an elite rebounder whom has an infinite motor and will be a huge asset to any team.

UPDATE: Wendell Carter, Jr, is selected #7 by the Chicago Bulls

Wendell Carter, Jr, is going to be missed in the Bull City, but he is going to be the hardest worker in the Bulls’ organization, no question. Planning to get his degree, Carter’s IQ and basketball IQ are both through the roof, and he is very ready for the NBA.

All further updates happened at 6am on Friday due to timing issues.

UPDATE: Grayson Allen is selected #21 by the Utah Jazz. 

Grayson Allen got an early welcome from Donovan Mitchell, the Utah Jazz star who was selected #13 last year and blew up as one of the best rookies in the league. I said Wendell Carter, Jr, was a hard worker. The Jazz may just have one of the hardest workers in the draft, as well, and Donovan Mitchell, who played against Grayson throughout his career, appears to be very happy.

UPDATE: Gary Trent, Jr, selected #37 by the Sacramento Kings, traded to Portland

This is a bookend for Gary Trent, Jr, whose father was also traded to the Blazers on draft night. Despite not playing with his Duke teammate, Marvin Bagley, III, (see above), he will get to play with some of the elite guards in the game, including CJ McCollum and Dame Lillard.

Trevon Duval was not drafted in the 2018 NBA Draft but has all summer league and the future to sign with a team.