Hype Becomes Reality for Harry Giles and Marvin Bagley

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Harry Giles (20) and Marvin Bagle III (35). Source: Sacramento Bee <https://www.sacbee.com/sports/nba/sacramento-kings/article217120605.html&gt;

People were beginning to think that Harry Giles would always be the poor guy who had a bright future but a debilitating knee injury. Not anymore. Harry isΒ balling in his first preseason games in Sacramento. If you looked at his high school highlights, you wouldn’t be too surprised, but it never really happened for him at Duke just because of his knee.

WhenΒ Harry GilesΒ was a college freshman in Durham, Duke basketball fans kept waiting for him to turn Cameron Indoor Stadium into his personal bounce house. Unfortunately, knee surgeries in 2013, 2015, and 2016 had taken their toll on the spring in the step of the 6-foot-10, 240-pound forward.

–Matt Giles, BallDurham

I just love that “personal bounce house” line. But yeah, it never happened at Duke. However, he is doing really well now in what has been the past few years’ most boring team of the NBA. Now? They look like showtime. For Marvin Bagley: he was a double-double machine at Duke and the #2 pick in the NBA Draft, but didn’t look as hot in summer league and got shut down for pelvic bruising. He’s gone back to his machine-like ways and looks pretty epic. They lost to the LeBron-ified Lakers but there’s no shame in that considering the development that they’ve shown. I’ll let you listen to Marvin Bagley rap while you think about how awesome he’ll be in the NBA this year.

Just had to throw that in there. Bleed blue.

Bagley Shut Down for Summer League

After an MRI revealed a bruise on his pelvic bone, the Sacramento Kings announced that Marvin Bagley, III, will miss the remainder of summer league to rest and heal before resuming basketball activities in an estimate of 1-2 weeks. It’s a pretty smart move, seeing as Bagley’s gotten his fair share of exposure and summer league is not the NBA Playoffs and his presence, while coveted, is not necessary.

Meanwhile in Summer League…

Gary Trent, Jr, went OFF today for Portland. He’s an excellent sharpshooter, averaging above .400 from downtown in his lone season at Duke. He scored a game-high 20 points and led the Blazers, his father’s former club, to a 95-89 win over the San Antonio Spurs. Bleed blue, Duke fans.

Marvin Bagley Cashes In

Marvin Bagley, III, is officially a very, very rich young man. At just 19, he has officially signed a four-year contract with the Sacramento Kings. Combined with endorsements from Puma, he should be set for life with smart money management. Bagley is also headed to play for the Kings’ summer league team, alongside the likes of Frank Mason, De’Aaron Fox, and fellow Blue Devil Harry Giles. Bleed blue, Duke fans.

Marvin Bagley, III, MB3FIVE, drops rap mixtape

NBA players love to rap, and while few of them are quality, players such as Dame Lillard have made a name for themselves in the world of music. Marvin Bagley, III, is one of the best I’ve seen, honest. My favorite, personally, is depicted below. “Breathe” was written during a season in which Bagley was unable to play during high school.

Cool, huh? ESPN wrote a cool story on him, including his rapping:

Marvin Bagley III raps like he plays basketball, smooth and fast. Dressed in Duke sweats, Bagley wedges his 6-foot-11, 234-pound body into a recording booth just outside of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. On the other side of the glass are teammates Grayson Allen and Brennan Besser, who have come not only to listen but to bust his chops.

— Elizabeth Merrill, ESPN

Anyhow, you can find his full mixtape below and at this link.

LIVE UPDATES: Duke in the NBA Draft

Marvin Bagley, III, Wendell Carter, Jr, Gary Trent, Jr, Grayson Allen, and Trevon Duval are all ready. Who will pick these talents up? Who will be reunited with teammates? Updates are here. The NBA Draft is live on ESPN.

UPDATE: Marvin Bagley, III, is selected #2 by the Sacramento Kings

Marvin Bagley, III, is going to wear purple and silver next year as a Sacramento King. Marvin is explosive and an elite rebounder whom has an infinite motor and will be a huge asset to any team.

UPDATE: Wendell Carter, Jr, is selected #7 by the Chicago Bulls

Wendell Carter, Jr, is going to be missed in the Bull City, but he is going to be the hardest worker in the Bulls’ organization, no question. Planning to get his degree, Carter’s IQ and basketball IQ are both through the roof, and he is very ready for the NBA.

All further updates happened at 6am on Friday due to timing issues.

UPDATE: Grayson Allen is selected #21 by the Utah Jazz.Β 

Grayson Allen got an early welcome from Donovan Mitchell, the Utah Jazz star who was selected #13 last year and blew up as one of the best rookies in the league. I said Wendell Carter, Jr, was a hard worker. The Jazz may just have one of the hardest workers in the draft, as well, and Donovan Mitchell, who played against Grayson throughout his career, appears to be very happy.

UPDATE: Gary Trent, Jr, selected #37 by the Sacramento Kings, traded to Portland

This is a bookend for Gary Trent, Jr, whose father was also traded to the Blazers on draft night. Despite not playing with his Duke teammate, Marvin Bagley, III, (see above), he will get to play with some of the elite guards in the game, including CJ McCollum and Dame Lillard.

Trevon Duval was not drafted in the 2018 NBA Draft but has all summer league and the future to sign with a team.