Krazies’ Korner Reopened; Briefing on What I’ve Missed

Hello, Krazies! I’m so sorry to have had to close Krazies’ Korner, especially longer than I had anticipated, but being the only author here and with my Thanksgiving situation, I needed to attend to other things. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with your families. Now, back to the basketball!

What’d I Miss?

 Duke Routs Indiana, 90-69

This one is funny.

Yeah, this game wasn’t ever close unless you count tipoff. Romeo Langford is an excellent player but Duke was able to hold their freshman phenom back and let their own shine, as Zion Williamson felt the Crazies’ hype, putting on a show for 25 points and an absolute clinic in the first half. The second half was pretty sloppy for both teams but it was a fun game to watch. Oh, and by the way, Zion windmilled it:

They stopped running, so I said, you know, let’s give the (Cameron) Crazies a little something to cheer for.

— Zion Williamson

The Crazies cheered alright.

Coach K Says Pump the Breaks, Leave RJ Barrett Alone

Coach K was pretty obviously in a not-great mood throughout this game, especially in the sloppy second half. He even threw his jacket in a game in which they were killing the Hoosiers. But what people are paying attention to is his press conference:

A better mood there until he’s brought to the subject of RJ’s mishap vs. Gonzaga. A lot of people are seeing this as a control-the-hype move, which it is in a way, but I’m seeing it as more of Coach K letting people know that he’s not going to stand for any ridiculous heckling of his guys. These are kids, as he says multiple times and if you’re gonna be a Duke fan you’d better be ready to take the long road to a championship. I said something similar for RJ Barrett last week and Coach Krzyzewski is making sure people know that he isn’t going to stand aside. I really love this move because it solidified the camaraderie that these coaches and players have.

LeBron Shows Love For Coach K, Hints Bronnie’s College Thinking?

Okay, guys, having easily one of the greatest players on the planet shout us out is pretty cool, but Bronny being a lock to play at Duke? It’s looking likely, sure, but he has a lot of growing up to do in the next 4-5 years. He’s 14 or something! Even though, it is pretty obvious that his father loves Coach K, and what parent wouldn’t after the way that he defended his player?  

Bleed blue. Krazies’ Korner is back and ready for Duke-Stetson on Saturday at 7pm. Go Duke!

Duke Recruiting: LeBron, Jr, Tours Cameron Indoor

LeBron “Bronny” James, Jr, 13, and his AAU squad, the North Coast Blue Chips, took a visit to the Bull City and got to tour Duke’s basketball facilities. At just 11 years old (in elementary school!), Bronny received scholarship offers from Duke and Kentucky, basically the kings of the recruiting kingdom in college basketball. With the one-and-done rule deteriorating, there’s a good chance that Bronny doesn’t go to college in five years. But there’s a chance that he does, and hey, one of the greatest universities both athletically and academically in the country isn’t a bad place to get your start.

Many people dream of the day when LeBron and Junior play side by side in the NBA. At 33, and with no signs of slowing down, LeBron Sr. is in perfect position to do so. Who knows?