Jayson Tatum Does Jayson Tatum Things

Jayson Tatum goes up for the dunk as Philadelphia’s Ben Simons (25), Joel Embiid (21), and Dario Saric (9) look one

Some were worried about a second-year drought for Jayson Tatum. Well, it hasn’t been too long, but Jayson Tatum’s sophomore season started off with a bang last night in TD Garden, where Jayson went for a game-high 23 points and snagged 9 rebounds. There’s an excellent ESPN story hereΒ by one of the greats, Jackie MacMullan, about his journey to becoming a budding star and how he handles that along with his own personal life, mainly concerning his son. You have to tip your hat to a dad that will do this:

That’sΒ adorable. But anyway, Jayson Tatum performed very well vs. Philadelphia and we’re thrilled to see what he can do for a Celtics team that’s on the rise.

Bleed blue. Two days to Countdown!