Coach K Near Heights Unseen by Anyone

Not one college basketball coach has won 1,123 games: not men’s, not women’s, not D-I, not D-II, and not even D-III. The record, as of now being 1,122, isn’t actually held by Coach K yet: Harry Statham, who retired last year from Division II’s McKendree University, just finished off a run of half a century. Coach K win “Kount” stands at 1,121– one behind Statham. Now, with a win tonight and a win at home vs. NC State would make Coach Mike Krzyzewski the winningest college coach of all time.

Not much more you can say there except “Wow”.

Bleed blue. Catch the Duke-Louisville game at 9pm tonight.

Good News for Tre Jones!

Duke fans have held their breath for the past week as Tre Jones continued to recover from an AC joint separation suffered early in a loss against Syracuse, but it’s time to exhale: Jones is doing exceptionally well and will be back much earlier than we feared. Coach Mike Krzyzewski described it as “not long-term”. AC joint separations are very dependent on the severity of the injury, and while Jones sustained a very painful injury it doesn’t appear to be horribly severe.

Agreed, Barstool Blue Devils. Agreed.

His shoulder has “responded well to treatment”, according to ESPN’s Andrea Adelson, though he is unlikely to play against Virginia on Saturday he is day-to-day and not yet ruled out less than 24 hours before the game. Cam Reddish, who did not play due to illness last Saturday, is expected to be available.

Bleed blue. All I ask is for you to continue to #PrayForTre! It’s working!

Duke Beats Yale, 91-58

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RJ Barrett, 30 points, and Zion Williamson, 20 points, led Duke to a 91-58 rout of Yale.

Duke rode its hot second half to rout Yale, 91-58, as Yale just couldn’t handle Duke’s defense and coughed up the ball too much. It was close for a good long while, as both offenses couldn’t seem to click, but Duke got rolling in the second and it was over. RJ Barrett finished with 30, while he and Zion combined for 50 points. Yale turned the ball over 23 times, making 24 points for Duke on the other end. Yale played hard the whole time, though; they’re a tough team and deserve credit. 

The defense suffocated a Yale offense that is generally pretty good, which is a good sign for a team that is very young. The offense was forced to start further and further back in the backcourt, opening up opportunities for Duke’s backcourt to deny passes and rack up deflections, as Cam Reddish and Tre Jones combined for seven steals on the night. Every starter had one or more steals. Jack White also had an excellent defensive game, with 3 steals and 2 blocks. White helped to hold the Elis’ best player, Miye Oni, to twelve points (down from a season average of 18). The offense struggled in the first half but as mentioned before, it was over the minute that we got it together on that end of the court.

Duke will now take a break for final exams (and some snow!), taking on another Ivy League foe in Princeton in a little less than two weeks. Guess who also has exams? Me! I’ll be studying so Krazies’ Korner may be a little bit behind in case of some big news. Thank you for your understanding. Bleed blue.

COMMITTED: Vernon Carey Picks Duke

Not much that I can say here other than a great player has picked a great university to play for. Quick profile: at 6’10”, 260, he’s a beast at center and I can’t wait to see him in our Blue and White. Welcome, Vernon Carey, to the Brotherhood. Bleed blue.

Krazies’ Korner Reopened; Briefing on What I’ve Missed

Hello, Krazies! I’m so sorry to have had to close Krazies’ Korner, especially longer than I had anticipated, but being the only author here and with my Thanksgiving situation, I needed to attend to other things. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with your families. Now, back to the basketball!

What’d I Miss?

 Duke Routs Indiana, 90-69

This one is funny.

Yeah, this game wasn’t ever close unless you count tipoff. Romeo Langford is an excellent player but Duke was able to hold their freshman phenom back and let their own shine, as Zion Williamson felt the Crazies’ hype, putting on a show for 25 points and an absolute clinic in the first half. The second half was pretty sloppy for both teams but it was a fun game to watch. Oh, and by the way, Zion windmilled it:

They stopped running, so I said, you know, let’s give the (Cameron) Crazies a little something to cheer for.

— Zion Williamson

The Crazies cheered alright.

Coach K Says Pump the Breaks, Leave RJ Barrett Alone

Coach K was pretty obviously in a not-great mood throughout this game, especially in the sloppy second half. He even threw his jacket in a game in which they were killing the Hoosiers. But what people are paying attention to is his press conference:

A better mood there until he’s brought to the subject of RJ’s mishap vs. Gonzaga. A lot of people are seeing this as a control-the-hype move, which it is in a way, but I’m seeing it as more of Coach K letting people know that he’s not going to stand for any ridiculous heckling of his guys. These are kids, as he says multiple times and if you’re gonna be a Duke fan you’d better be ready to take the long road to a championship. I said something similar for RJ Barrett last week and Coach Krzyzewski is making sure people know that he isn’t going to stand aside. I really love this move because it solidified the camaraderie that these coaches and players have.

LeBron Shows Love For Coach K, Hints Bronnie’s College Thinking?

Okay, guys, having easily one of the greatest players on the planet shout us out is pretty cool, but Bronny being a lock to play at Duke? It’s looking likely, sure, but he has a lot of growing up to do in the next 4-5 years. He’s 14 or something! Even though, it is pretty obvious that his father loves Coach K, and what parent wouldn’t after the way that he defended his player?  

Bleed blue. Krazies’ Korner is back and ready for Duke-Stetson on Saturday at 7pm. Go Duke!

Duke vs. Army: Veterans Day Special

First off, a salute to all of our veterans across the armed forces today as we celebrate and salute your service. We salute you and thank you; this country would not be close to where it is today without you.

Image result for coach k
Coach Mike Krzyzewski giving a speech at his alma mater, West Point.

Now to the basketball! There’s some history between Duke and Army: specifically, Coach K history. Coach Krzyzewski played at Army under Bob Knight, then coached them (after service in the Army) from 1975-1980 before arriving at Duke. His record there was 73-59. Not many people know that Coach K actually holds the rank of captain and served from 1969 until 1974. Today, Coach K brings in his new squad of freshmen with one goal in sight: stay humble. We want to win convincingly, but the one thing this team will have to do is ignore the noise. After last week’s humiliation of Kentucky, the college basketball world has been buzzing with excitement about this team. However, we cannot be overconfident, because any combination of talent can be vulnerable to complacency.

Bleed blue.


Guilty Verdicts in Adidas Pay-For-Play

Logo_brand_Adidas.pngNEW YORK– I haven’t covered the Adidas Trials very much, but it looks like a bigger and bigger deal for college basketball every day. Now, we’ve got a verdict: Christian Dawkins, James Gatto, and Merl Code were all found guilty of fraud. This includes payments made to players at Kansas, NC State, and Louisville, all Adidas-sponsored schools. Zion Williamson’s name appeared at a point but he and Coach K both thoroughly denied that claim and there’s evidence there to back it up so we’re not worried. However, there are multiple trials in the early months of 2019, and they should be worried from here on out. Kansas has announced that they will not allow Silvio De Sousa, whose guardian was allegedly paid by Gatto, to play until eligibility issues are cleared up, but the effects on college basketball otherwise are murky and pretty limitless.

Bleed blue. Duke vs. Ferris State: 4pm Saturday. Unfortunately, this game is literally within 30 minutes of the starting time of Duke football’s game against Pitt. What a time to be alive- you can watch both if you use two devices!