About Me

Hello, Duke fans! My name is Sarah. I am currently a rising seventh grader.

I got my start in blogging with my school on the WordPress Education Platform, EduBlogs. I blogged a little bit about various topics in fourth grade, as my fourth-grade teacher, Mr. Mason, helped me to start out.

Unfortunately, in fifth grade, I was unable to blog as our blogs were used for other purposes.

In sixth grade, I got myself going with my language arts teacher, Mrs. Donnelly, by blogging all about my passion, which is Duke Basketball. You can visit my original blog here.

I’ve always loved writing, especially reporting on sports. Sports give me a reprieve from what is often very heavy worldwide news. I got my passion for Duke Basketball, Football, etc. from my dad (sorry, Mom, but you went to UNC). When I was four years old, I awoke around midnight to find my father with his arm in the air, whispering, “It didn’t go in! It didn’t go in!!!!” He was referring to this:

There, my love for Duke Basketball was born. I still remember this season:

Not to mention being so confused when my dad told me that Jabari Parker wasn’t coming back. But even better was this season:

Oh, how I loved that year. Even at the age of 9, I could name every jersey number on the past two Duke teams, plus legends such as Christian Laettner, Jason Williams, Bobby Hurley, Kyrie Irving, etc.

It’s only gotten better from here! I now have my own domain and blog which I plan to use from now on. Enjoy your reading! Bleed Blue!