Zion’s Got Options (Crazy But Possible

Let me inform you of two things:

1. Zion Williamson is yet to sign with an agent.

2. He is also yet to sign a shoe deal.

If you know your NCAA rules, you probably know what this means.

Zion Williamson is technically still eligible in the NCAA.

And is Zion really all that interested in the Pelicans? On The Jump today on ESPN, NBA analyst Brian Windhorst brought up the possibility. Los Angeles and New York are clearly better markets in which to build his brand, which seems all but impossible for at least a few years once he is presumably chosen first in this year’s Draft. Don’t get too excited, but know that it’s a possibility that Zion returns to college, and it’s pretty clear that he left the door open by not signing yet.

Bleed blue. He’s got until May 29th to decide, but the two more likely decisions are Marques Bolden and Javin DeLaurier, both of whom have not yet indicated whether or not they will stay in the draft or return.

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