Daniel Jones— NFL Draft Questions

Daniel Jones, the former Duke quarterback, has come a long way from barely noticed coming out of high school to a top quarterback in the coming NFL Draft. Now, as Thursday approaches, it’s possible that Jones could go first round to the abundance of NFL teams in need of a quarterback, especially at backup. It brings up the question: how high could Jones end up going?

First of all, Tom Brady, at 41 years old, is not going to live forever as an NFL quarterback, even if he does do all of his health programs. It is likely that the NFL’s most dominant franchise (currently) will be in need of a quarterback somewhere in the next 5 years. And at the 32nd pick as of currently, could they be looking for a backup or even a trainee to eventually replace Brady?

Second, the Giants. You’re crazy if you think that Eli Manning has much left, but Jones and Manning have something in common: Coach David Cutcliffe. Coach Cutcliffe coached both Manning brothers and the Giants, having had success with Eli, might be in the business for another Cutcliffe product. They have some high picks but it’s unlikely that Jones goes that high, but if they trade or take him if he’s available in the second round it’s a possibility. Additionally, Jones’ character is admirable, and the Odell trade is a sign that the Giants value a high quality guy off of the football field.

Like the NBA Draft that we as Duke fans are much more familiar with, this is just a big question mark. But we know that Daniel Jones is one of the best quarterbacks in that draft and any team that picks him has a great guy as a quarterback and a person. Bleed blue.

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