Duke Advances In ACC, Defeats Syracuse 84-72

The questions were abound entering this game: Will there be rust for the returning Zion Williamson? What will his effort level be? How will he react to return.

Question answered and done so emphatically. Zion Williamson led the Blue Devils to victory with a major stat sheet-stuffer: 29 points, 14 rebounds, 5 steals, and single block. Seven of those rebounds came on offense. It wasn’t all that pretty, though, as Syracuse kept it painfully close until late in the second half.

Zion was aided in the scoring effort by roommate “The Maple Mamba” (RJ Barrett). RJ had 23, as well as 6 rebounds, 2 assists, and a steal. Tre Jones did well in distributing the ball to scorers with 8 assists to go with 15 point.

It was a rough shooting night for a number of Blue Devils, especially Tre Jones and Cam Reddish. Despite his aforementioned 15 points mostly accumulated on free throws, Tre shot 25% from the field at 3-12. Cam shot slightly better at about 29% or 2-7 from the field and 2-6 from 3.

With this win and the Tar Heels’ win yesterday against Louisville, you guessed it: matchup #3 with our North Carolinian counterparts. This is gonna be good. Bleed blue.

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