Duke Outlasts #4 UVA, 72-70

Duke defeated Virginia in an absolute thriller this Saturday. Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett combined for 57 points– UVA’s opponents had previously averaged just over 50. No one had scored over 22 against the ‘Hoos until RJ’s 30 and Zion’s 23. It was a signature win for the Blue Devils, as well as evidence of Duke’s ability to win without point guard Tre Jones, a big question mark entering the game after Tuesday’s loss to Syracuse.

Virginia was hitting from all areas all night long until the end of the game, going 11-for-12 until a Kyle Guy three-pointer with 23 seconds to go pulled the Cavaliers to within 3. Free throws, which had been a serious issue for the Blue Devils all night long, though, iced the game in the end as De’Andre Hunter hit a buzzer-beating jumper despite being down four. Marques Bolden hit two key shots from the line to close it out.

Despite being well renowned for their pack-line defense, Virginia simply had no answers for the star-power of Duke (though understandably). Duke, however, had no consistency at the free-throw line. While they made it when it counted, Duke made just 18-31 for a meager 58.1% from the charity stripe. That may be an Achilles heel for the Blue Devils in the future and certainly something to work on.

One of my favorite things about this game?

That game was for Tre.

Zion Williamson to ESPN’s Maria Taylor

The emotion was high, the Crazies were going nuts (scroll down for an account of it), and the win was huge in Cameron tonight.

By the way, this UVA player earned a valuable lesson, courtesy of Zion Williamson today:

Yeah, I wouldn’t try that if I were you.

Would you like to know why I couldn’t do a preview?

I GOT TO GO TO THE GAME. I don’t go to many and this was my first big game, and I have to tell you: it was one of the most incredible experiences that I’ve ever encountered. A huge thanks and shoutout to a number of people for this:

  1. First of all, my parents for the most epic birthday present ever. I couldn’t have imagined it being better than this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  2. Secondly, thank you to [name not disclosed] for giving the seats for our school’s auction and arranging for such an amazing game! This would not have happened without you.
  3. Next, [name not disclosed] for taking us. It was so much fun to cheer with you!
  4. Finally, my friend [name not disclosed] and my sister [name not disclosed] for coming with me. It wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without you guys.

This game was amazing to go to. It was the loudest thing I’ve heard in my life: I will not speak or hear for about a week so thank goodness that this isn’t a Vlog. The Crazies were absolutely electric. Craziness is alive and well.

Bleed blue. Duke heads up north to take on Pittsburgh in a quick road trip on Tuesday at 9pm

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