Virginia Will Relive a Nightmare at Duke

Well, this will be fun. Duke’s Cameron Crazies sure can be creative- and also, a nightmare for the Wahoo’s. Everybody remembers last year when #16 seed UMBC upset #1 (overall!) seed Virginia; it will be remembered as one of the most shocking upsets in college basketball history. The Cavaliers will get to relive that nightmare. The Cameron Crazies set up a GoFundMe page to bring KJ Maura, a former UMBC guard playing overseas in Puerto Rico, to Durham for Duke vs. UVA. And get this: It’s no stunt. He’s coming. 

It appears UVA is taking it alright, as Tony Bennett even donated $20 and Kyle Guy advertised the cause on his Twitter page (even though it was specifically aimed to make Guy miserable!).  Duke-UVA sure will be an epic game. Thanks, KJ, for agreeing to come!

Bleed blue.

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