A Few Good Duke Articles

Duke’s gotten a lot of attention this year and you have to sift through a lot of articles but I’ve found two that I like a lot; one focuses on Zion (because who can’t?) and then one focuses on an incredibly underappreciated piece of the puzzle for Duke in Tre Jones. Tre knows Duke through family, but as ESPN’s David Hale says, he seems to know Duke on a deeper level. He’s in on the secret- he doesn’t give a crap what his stat line is and focuses on the team’s achievement level. He’s the prime example of an unselfish PG and that’s what we need.

I like this New York Times article on Zion not for its heaping praise upon him (deserved, but pretty normal at this point) but highlighting both that and his love for the game. Also, it’s at least not apparently written by a Duke hater, as many Zion articles report on his magnificence pretty grudgingly. Zion is a prime example of the blueprint for basketball players today: he’s electrifying. He’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and he’s so thrilling to watch that he’s a social media superstar. I think people have forgotten that Drake wore his jersey. This will serve him well in the future: he’s a moneymaker.

Bleed blue. If you’re watching the TTU-Duke game, I swear to God there’s a lid on that rim.

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