Duke Anhilates Stetson, 113-49

As expected, Duke demolished the Stetson, 113-49 and it wasn’t even as close as the final score may lead you to believe. Duke had its starters out for the most part of the second half; the score was 59-25 at the half but pretty soon it was 93-33. RJ Barrett was the high scorer with 26, but Zion and Cam weren’t far behind.  The “Baby Admiral”, son of David Robinson, Justin Robinson, scored a career-high 13 points (see the reference above). 

The defense stepped up today, as Duke probably could have scored 150 if they wanted and paid no attention to the other end of the floor, and yet you see Jack White getting blocks, Zion Williamson diving for loose balls despite a 60-point lead, and Tre Jones being an absolutely relentless on-ball defender amongst others. Tre Jones shot once in the whole game and missed but didn’t seem to give a crap, as he was going nuts as his teammates, such as J-Rob, make shots out there. We have a young team and while Stetson isn’t exactly an ACC-level opponent (sorry, Hatter fans, but better days are behind you) or anything it’s encouraging to see these guys work their butts off. Say what you will about RJ Barrett’s play in the final minutes against Gonzaga but this team just doesn’t stop for anything.

There’s an interesting history piece to this game: most people know that Coach K has won more than 1,000 games at Duke (1,034 to be exact), but not many know that Coach Krzyzewski won his first game at Duke against Stetson in 1980. Stetson was then a sort of rival with Duke, though Duke far surpassed them within a few years. Stetson saw its best days in the 80s, but since hasn’t been competitive even in the Atlantic Sun Conference. Stetson University is located in Central Florida.

Bleed blue. We will return to preview Hartford and Yale in the next week, then Duke (and I) will take a break for exams between the 8th and 18th of December. I just want to say that my blog posts may not be super quick for a few weeks; I don’t know if you guys know this but I am the only author of this blog and my school’s semester ends in the next couple weeks, which means for me exams. Yay.

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