Krazies’ Korner Closed Until Wednesday

Hello, Krazies.

I am sorry to report that due to a sudden occurrence in my holiday travel, I will be closing Krazies’ Korner until Wednesday. You may have noticed that I missed last night’s recap of the Duke-Wake Forest game due to Thanksgiving travel (warning if you haven’t seen: I don’t know if the team even showed up)

I am stuck in the Midwestern Blizzard right now and cannot return home until further notice. Here are some upcoming Duke events and sites which you can visit for reliable previews, recaps, and Duke news.

Upcoming Games/Games I’ve Missed

  1. Duke (football) vs. Wake Forest (Saturday, 12pm ET)
  2. Duke (Basketball) vs. Indiana (Tuesday, 9:30pm ET)

Go-To Sites

  1. Duke Basketball Report
  2. Ball Durham
  3. The Devils’ Den
  4. Duke Athletics

Again, I apologize and I hope to get back soon enough for the Indiana recap (fingers crossed). Bleed blue. Oh, and by the way, Fedora’s done at UNC, but are we really surprised?

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