Duke Fans Are Better Than This

Quick announcement here but I feel like it’s important:

Yeah, I know that RJ Barrett screwed up against Gonzaga. The last minute of play was just a series of bad decisions for the freshman- really, really bad. However, to maliciously degrade him like some things that have been said to him on Instagram and Twitter is awful. I understand the disappointment, but if you  I’m giving it to you straight right now:

If you said awful things to RJ Barrett on social media, you are not a Duke fan and if you want to be, you had better be a heck of a lot better than that because that’s not and will never be who real Duke fans are.

Again, I understand the disappointment. He should have passed on most of those shots and definitely the last one, but that’s no reason to make the guy miserable. He’s human and probably feels bad. Let the coaches do their jobs and solve this issue. It’s a bump in the road- get over it, bandwagons, we’re in for the long game: March.

Bleed blue. Real blue.

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