Duke Falls to Clemson, 35-6

The Blue Devils put up a valiant fight, but couldn’t hold back the Tigers for more than a half as Duke fell to Clemson, 35-6. There’s no denying that Clemson is exceptionally talented and the fact that Duke either led or trailed very, very slimly (-1 point) for most of the first half until a late touchdown made it fun for us fans. I don’t think Clemson ever really felt threatened, but we got their attention and they didn’t walk all over us.

One other accomplishment is that Daniel Jones got out of there not severely injured. Our offensive line is good, but Clemson’s defensive line is something else and they appeared to enjoy tackling him well after he threw. Jones will probably be a little sore after this one but he’s as tough as they come and we’re lucky to have him.

Speaking of being lucky to have him, Daniel Jones returning for a fifth year seems to get more and more unlikely every day. Scouts from nine NFL teams showed for last week’s game against Carolina, where Jones lit up the field and garnered a Duke-record 547 yards total rushing in a 42-35 victory. He has the potential to be a first-rounder in this year’s draft. The better he plays, the better our chance to lose him, and he’s chosen the right time to peak. He’s a North Carolina native and it’d be awesome to see him in the NFL. He’s one of the best quarterbacks Duke’s seen and we’ve been so happy to see all the growth he’s had in these past three years as our starter.

Now for a shoutout that might seem a little strange. I have been asked to give a shoutout to UNC’s 49-26 win over Western Carolina. No, I am not becoming a UNC fan, but I needed to give this favor. You won! A win’s a win, even against an FCS opponent (meaning the lower portion of Division I). So yes. You won. Good for you. Also, Les Miles’ son had a Hail Mary as the second period ended which was pretty cool. Les Miles led LSU to a national championship in 2007.

Bleed blue. Duke vs. SDSU in Maui is tomorrow! Look for my preview of that.

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