Quinn Cook Steps Up Again

Some would think to fill the shoes of multi-year MVP, three-time NBA champion Stephen Curry would be near impossible. Quinn Cook? He’s done it a few times now and done it with excellence. After Curry injured his adductor a few days ago against the Bucks, Cook took things into his own hands, scoring 27 and assisting 5 baskets in last night’s game against the Nets.

Quinn Cook deserves everything he’s worked for. If you remember, he was the leader of the 2015 Duke National Championship team. After going undrafted, he spent a year in the (then) D-League, then bounced around on mostly 10-day contracts. He worked hard working out for different teams across the NBA for about two years. Think you would’ve given up by then? Well, Quinn then came across the Warriors and signed one of the NBA’s new two-way contracts in which he played for a G-League affiliate for most of the season but could be called up to the Warriors in case of an emergency. That emergency came in the form of an injury to star PG Stephen Curry. He was called up to the Warriors on November 13, 2017. He would continue to successfully fill in for Curry and was officially signed to a two-year deal to ensure his ability to play in the playoffs, which the Warriors would win at the end of the season.

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