Duke vs. Army: Veterans Day Special

First off, a salute to all of our veterans across the armed forces today as we celebrate and salute your service. We salute you and thank you; this country would not be close to where it is today without you.

Image result for coach k
Coach Mike Krzyzewski giving a speech at his alma mater, West Point.

Now to the basketball! There’s some history between Duke and Army: specifically, Coach K history. Coach Krzyzewski played at Army under Bob Knight, then coached them (after service in the Army) from 1975-1980 before arriving at Duke. His record there was 73-59. Not many people know that Coach K actually holds the rank of captain and served from 1969 until 1974. Today, Coach K brings in his new squad of freshmen with one goal in sight: stay humble. We want to win convincingly, but the one thing this team will have to do is ignore the noise. After last week’s humiliation of Kentucky, the college basketball world has been buzzing with excitement about this team. However, we cannot be overconfident, because any combination of talent can be vulnerable to complacency.

Bleed blue.


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