GOIN’ BOWLING: Duke Beats Miami, 20-12 for First Time since 1976

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Deon Jackson (25) attempts to break a Miami tackle. Source: News & Observer https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/article220956410.html

Coach David Cutcliffe called it an “old-fashioned mud game”. It poured for most of the game. Players were slipping and sliding, yet both teams fought valiantly and Duke came out with the win today in Miami, 20-12. The past couple go-arounds in Miami have not gone well: Miami miracles have made Duke miserable, but it won’t happen again.

Veteranship Wins

Lots of veterans had excellent games for Duke, including linebackers Joe Giles-Harris, Ben Humphreys, and tight end Daniel Helm. Miami fans have been very unhappy with the team of late, whose losing streak is now extended to three games, a factor which led to the benching of senior starting quarterback Malik Rosier in favor of freshman N’Kosi Perry.

Weather Woes

As I said before, it absolutely poured throughout much of the game last night, leading to a mudslide of a game. Miami missed both of their extra point attempts (hence the 12 points) and a field goal, partially because of the rain and partially because the game just wasn’t going very well for Miami other than the final drive. However, the ‘Canes knew Southern Florida rain well, while Duke was not as used to that level of torrent.

First Plays and Final Drives

Deon Jackson blew the game open immediately with a 75-yard touchdown rush on the first snap of the game, giving the Blue Devils an immediate 7-0 advantage. While Miami would jump ahead to 12-7 later on, every point aided this team win and the energy that the run brought carried Duke in part throughout the rest of the game. Jackson has stepped up since an injury to Brittain Brown kept him out, but as Brown heals, we’re unsure how he’ll be worked back into the lineup.

Three years ago, Miami pulled off a miraculous eight-lateral kickoff return that shocked the Blue Devils. This game was reminiscent of that- but fell just short, as offensive pass interference overturned the only catch in the end zone and time expired before Miami could get it into the end zone.

Bleed blue. 2 DAYS TO THE CLASSIC.

Next Up:

North Carolina @ Duke

Date: 11/10

Time: 12:20pm

Venue: Wallace Wade Stadium, Durham, NC

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