Duke Football Defeated at Pitt in Final Minutes

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Duke’s Brittain Brown. Source: Duke Basketball Report https://www.dukebasketballreport.com/2018/9/26/17904466/duke-football-wednesday-notes-david-cutcliffe-virginia-tech

First things first, my utmost condolences to all those affected by the awful events in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania today. Nothing like that should ever happen to anybody, regardless of association, for any reason whatsoever. A football game seems completely stupid to consider amidst these circumstances but I’ll try.

I’m trying to be positive here, but, honestly, the “Final Minutes” thing is really the best part. In the worst defensive showing I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, Duke Football lost to Pittsburgh 54-45. Yes, Pittsburgh, and yes, we allowed 52 points and 484 rushing yards. Not even total, that’s rushing alone. We led 42-32 in the almost-end of the fourth (42-35 by the actual end) but it went even further downhill from there. Multitudes of injuries on the defensive side including star CB Mark Gilbert really showed today, but that’s no excuse and we really need to work hard these next few days in preparation for Miami next week. Pittsburgh did not punt once. Looking on the bright side, our offense thrived pretty well for most of the game, only punting once, so hopefully, that momentum will carry against a traditionally stout defense against the U.

Bleed blue. Read my next post! Trust me, it’s way better.

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