Duke Takes Advantage of Miscues In 28-14 Win Over GA Tech

Duke’s Daniel Jones attempts a throw in his 200-yd, 3 TD performance vs. Georgia Tech. Photo by Charles York ❖ The Chronicle

It was a baffling game, but Duke was able to leave Atlanta with their fifth win of the season. There are few games where you find three fumbles leading to three touchdowns but that’s exactly how Duke managed to take control of the game. They didn’t exactly play magnificently, but it’s really a testament to the value of a hustle mentality. That’s the fundamentals of football and we executed that properly. Their middle school coaches should be proud.

A True Brawl

Things got chippy in this game: there were multiple incidents after the whistle and eventually, it boiled over as this happened:

Yikes. Jacob Morganstern was handed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty but was not ejected, while Tech’s Victor Alexander got the boot for the game.

Sorry for the delay in this post. Bleed blue. Countdown is in less than one week. Mark your calendars, people!

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