Wendell Moore Commits to Duke

Wendell Moore. Source: 247Sports

As predicted, Wendell Moore has decided and is officially committed to Duke for 2019. It’s our first commitment from the 2019 class so we’re pretty psyched: our recruiting class has been best in four of the five past years but the progress for the 2019-2020 season has been slow. However, most of the top guys on ESPN’s Top100 have not yet made a decision so it’s normal not to have too many pickups yet. Moore, a 6’6″, 215 SF, caused a Tobacco Road battle by narrowing to the four major college basketball schools in North Carolina: Duke, UNC, Wake Forest, and NC State. Congratulations to him and his family, and welcome to The Brotherhood!

Duke was my dream school, growing up. When I was on campus what impressed me the most was the former players that return and how they feel about Duke. It’s one big family and I want to be a part of it. Their style of play fits me really well. My goal is to play in the NBA if I am fortunate enough to make it

–Wendell Moore

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