FBI Probe Sheds Light on Big Problems in NCAA

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 9.05.10 PM
Courtesy: USA Today- For The Win

Many big programs in NCAA Basketball look like they’re in big trouble as Brian Bowen Sr. has shed light on even more schools than the ones originally mentioned in the FBI probe- Arizona, Louisville, NC State, and Miami (all Adidas-sponsored, who is at the heart this whole thing. Brian Bowen Sr. mentioned Arizona, Creighton, Oklahoma State, and Texas for offering him thousands and thousands of dollars in order for his son, Brian Bowen II, to play at their respective schools. Bowen is now playing professionally in Australia after the turmoil at Louisville that brought down Rick Pitino made him the face of the NCAA corruption investigation (Bowen Sr. was paid $100K by Louisville). You can read more, but it’s not just the schools that anyone has mentioned that could be in big trouble: recruiting, in general, has become about the money and no school is safe. ESPN has another good article here that details the schools, coaches, players, defendants, and witnesses involved in the trial.

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