ESPN’s Mitch Sherman: Duke Is a Playoff Contender

Wait, what? Now I don’t want to overhype anything, seeing as last year’s 4-0 start was the last of that streak, but I find this pretty darn awesome: Duke is listed by ESPN’s Mitch Sherman as a playoff contender. Now, this guy also says Virginia Tech is “wounded”, which is followed by saying that we could stay undefeated for a while (they’re up next at home), and even a group of beaten-down Hokies is no picnic, so I’m not fully believing him. But hey, he’s been hired by the best sports reporting group in the biz, hands-down, so he can’t be that wrong. And get this: just ten teams are ranked ahead of us. This is great news for a program that, let’s be honest, before the arrival of our savior, David Cutcliffe, was an absolute afterthought. Even with all of the injuries, I truly feel that we can be something good this year. Daniel Jones is officially back and we’ll see how tonight goes.

Also, you’ll need an ESPN+ subscription to read this article, but here’s the part we’re looking for: the computer says Duke in the playoffs in simulation 2,173. The odds aren’t great, plus, it’s listed as the “wackiest” outcomes, and the most likely one is that we win out, including the ACC championship. Also included is simulation 4,839 where we go with one loss but defeat Clemson in the ACC championship in dramatic fashion to get in (the author, Seth Walder, made the dramatic fashion part up but with these two teams that’s not unlikely).

Bleed blue. Virginia Tech: tonight, 7pm ET on ESPN2. Go Duke.

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