Duke Trounces NCCU, 55-13, But Injury Woes Get Worse

Deon Jackson carries the football as NCCU defensive players chase after. © Duke Athletics



Duke defeated NCCU on Saturday, 55-13, but the injury woes continued to worsen as Quentin Harris, who’s backing up QB Daniel Jones (fractured left clavicle), went down. Seriously, football gods? (We’ve had lots of injuries lately). Harris appears to be fine as he was riding a bike and grinning on the sideline, but boy, oh, boy, “appears” is not what we need right now. Brittain Brown also left with a hand injury, which is almost even more concerning.


Chris Katrenick came in during the third quarter for Harris and led two scoring drives in his absence, which is encouraging. I’m happy for him, as he probably didn’t think he’d get too many minutes this season so it had to be pretty exciting for him as bad as the injuries to his predecessors are. Katrenick even led two scoring drives and finished out the game with 54 yards and a touchdown

4th Down Not-So-Magic

NCCU halted Duke on fourth down, the second time at the 1-yard line, four times during the game today. That’s certainly something to practice. On one of them, Harris fumbled and the Eagles returned it for a 55-yard defensive score, which brought the game to a nervewracking 20-13, Duke still in the lead. While Duke never trailed, that was certainly not somewhere we wanted to be.

Wait, What?

I just wanted to mention that the rumors are true: Duke LED two polls this week, those being based upon numbers instead of human voters. Not in basketball, soccer, or lacrosse: In football. Over Bama. For Duke to be ranked period is awesome, so #1 is almost unimaginable! Duke Football is on the rise. David Cutcliffe is our saving grace. By the way, we got votes on (more major) polls last week, too, and with all the upsets/near-upsets (Army, who we beat handily, took #6 Oklahoma to OT).

Next Up: Angry VA Tech

Next week, we’ll face an exceptionally angry Virginia Tech, who was ranked thirteenth in the nation until Old Dominion pulled one of the biggest upsets in decades on Saturday. We know for a fact that Virginia Tech is very, very good, and what the heck happened for them to lose 49-35 to the Monarchs has got to be one heck of a story, but also that they’re going to be really, really mad, and looking to avenge that loss. Duke will have to pull a lot of surprises to beat a Virginia Tech team that wants to beat somebody right now.

Bleed blue. Just a quick note about Jayson Tatum: is this not adorable?



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