Tre Jones Goes Back to Apple Valley

Source: NOAA Flickr

If you live in North Carolina, or really, if you watch the news in general, you’ll probably know that now-Tropical Depression Florence has left and is still leaving in some areas a slow, grinding path of enormous destruction over North and South Carolina over the last few days. Duke University students were basically all sent home, including, of course, the basketball team. Tre Jones went home to Minnesota and caught up with KSTP at home.

A trip home is not a bad thing for these players who’ve spent pretty minimal time with their families in the past few months, as terrible as this storm has been. It’s a pretty good interview and you get an insight into how the players have chemistry and his injury, which kept him out in the three games played in Canada simply as a precaution.

He also talks a little bit about the approaching Champions’ Classic in which Duke will open the regular season (a few exhibition games before that) against Kentucky, this year’s preseason number one. Last year, though the Classic wasn’t at the beginning of the season, Duke defeated Michigan State, 88-81. The four teams that traditionally play in the Classic are Duke, Michigan State, Kentucky, and Kansas.

Kentucky is formidable this year because, yes, they lost Kevin Knox, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and a few other guys, but they do have a few transfers here and there. Now, let’s remember which team made history by recruiting the top three guys in the entire 2018 class. Just sayin’, if you’re getting any ideas about the whole Cal vs. Coach K thing. It’s not even a contest. But they have a few returning (mostly transferred, of course) vets and a few guys that can play the ball well, so don’t expect Kentucky to be as slapped together as some of the teams have appeared over the past few years when Coach Cal’s turnover has been even bigger than this year.

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