And Now, An Extreme Weather Update (Yes, This Is Still A Sports Blog)

Image result for florence
Hurricane Florence. Source: CBS News.

Well, this is interesting. On the east coast, we’re preparing like never before for Hurricane Florence, which is currently barreling towards the coast of North Carolina and is almost certainly going to affect us in some way, shape, or form. I’m no meteorologist so I won’t be able to give you the up-to-date forecast on this storm, but I can tell you the ACC Sports that will be affected.

Nothing for Duke

Duke’s football program will go pretty much aside from the cancellation of classes starting tomorrow at 5pm. We travel to Baylor, Texas this weekend, far from the storm’s reach, so it’s a pretty darn lucky break for us, as no other Triangle team was this lucky. Duke is going to have to make some adjustments this weekend anyway: with QB Daniel Jones and CB Mark Gilbert injured, this weekend is the first time we’ll see Quentin Harris at full throttle in the QB position.

UNC vs. UCF Canceled

UNC’s home opener is canceled, but it’s not all bad news for the Tar Heels. For one thing, their players will only have to miss 3 games now: while most people think it’s per-game, it’s actually based on the percentage of the season that they miss (approximately). With twelve games, four games add up to about 30%, but by playing only eleven, they shift down to three games. Regardless, the 0-2 Heels could probably use the break, too. The past two weeks have been pretty bad, frankly, with losses to ECU and Cal, respectively. But hey, at least ECU didn’t force any turnovers! (Cal forced four)

NC State vs. West Virginia Cancelled

What stinks about this is that I was looking forward to seeing how NC State’s defense handles Heisman candidate Will Grier, mainly because my Vols didn’t do anything about him.

East Carolina vs. Virginia Tech Postponed

It wasn’t expected to be much of a game, but, hey, anything could happen! Otherwise? ECU in Blacksburg is a sorry compound for the Pirates.

Boston College vs. Wake Forest Moved Up

The original starting time was 7:30, but 5:30 is not that bad. The game will be played, which is an upgrade.

Georgia Southern vs. Clemson Postponed

A new time will be decided. I haven’t seen Georgia Southern play, but I’m pretty sure Clemson will win. Just a hunch. Sorry, Georgia Southern, no disrespect to Y’all.

That’s basically a wrap. I also want to mention that I am not sure of what will happen to my area, and while it looks like we won’t be affected too badly, but anything could happen with this storm. Fran brought lengthy power outages so I will attempt to let you all know if I’m unable to blog for you all in some way.

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