Good and Bad News for the Start of Limited Practices

I crash your first week of college football for some college basketball news: Duke starts limited practices this week! They took a break after last month’s trip to Canada and the Devils are back in action on Labor Day. The NCAA allows four hours of practice per week at this time of year (as Coach K has emphasized before, practice limits suck).

The good news? Tre Jones will probably be available to play after a hip injury forced him to miss the tour, according to associate head coach Nate James. He’s been playing

The bad news? Cam Reddish will not. Just saying, I’m not picking him over Zion or Zion over him: I haven’t been able to actually evaluate him. But this video highlights him well. His sore groin is still hindering him, and missing practice time, especially when we are allowed so little (NCAA, you need to address this), is irritating. Cam is really, really good, as DBR reminds us: some have focused so much on RJ and Zion after they brought the house down in Canada that they’ve practically forgotten the guy. He’s an incredibly talented player and people will almost certainly remember him when he starts playing. Alex O’Connell will also miss time and will not be able to get started on Monday. Alex suffered an orbital bone fracture against Ryerson and had a successful surgery to repair it. Alex has grown a lot (both physically and figuratively) in his game and will be an asset that we need as the season approaches.

© Duke Athletics.


Bleed blue, Duke fans.


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