Duke Football Kicks Off, Cruises Past Army, 34-14

Both teams played very hard, as expected from the two schools, but in the end, Duke had the upper hand. In their opening game Friday night, Duke defeated Army West Point in a somewhat validating redemption game. Duke’s last loss of last season, the last of their six-game losing streak, was to the Black Knights, in a 20-16 shocker. The offense was amazing, especially for the first game of the season. TJ Rahming has brought in an improved game even from last year’s breakout, while Brittain Brown is probably one of the best if not the best player on the team.

Personally, I was there. The stadium was electrified, and some new effects were added for this season, like flickering lights. Not to mention the crowd when Zion Williamson and Nolan Smith showed up on the jumbotron.

Daniel Jones: Veteran

In his junior year (gulp: hello, NFL Draft eligibility), Daniel Jones showed off his arm:

His legs, too. He had some good decisions to run in the game as well.

Brittain Brown was the star of the show, and there was a scary moment where Brown went down in the 3rd quarter. Brown walked out of his own accord after apparently injuring his knee, however, and while Coach Cutcliffe later said that he would be sore following the injury but the trajectory was fine. He actually did return during the game but did not make any carries.

Joe Giles-Harris also left the game, but he said he cramped, plain and simple, so while painful, it’s nothing serious.

Bleed blue. Sorry about the late post. #DukeGang is back!

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