Duke Keeps Rolling, Defeats Toronto 96-60

In their second and last game in Toronto, Duke took a great game from guys across the board and put it into a 96-60 rout of the University of Toronto. Unfortunately, I only got to see the first half of what looks like was a really, really good game overall. Yet again, the freshmen Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett were scary, scoring 35 and 24 points respectively, but the best part was the competitiveness and drive that the entire team showed together. They played determined on defense, despite a few mistakes, which is natural for a young, growing team.Β  Guys like Javin DeLaurier, Marques Bolden, Antonio Vrankovic, J-Rob, Jack White, and rookie Joey Baker (JB) had great games. Also, Brennan Besser, who hasn’t played much in his three years at Duke, came in later in the game and played with huge intensity. He’s always been a team guy and we’re proud of him for that. He deserves the minutes he got in this game and he put them to use. Great for him.

Error: Score was previously listed as 90-66. Actual score was 96-60

R.J. BarrettΒ Scary at Home

R.J. Barrett rises for a monster jam. Copyright Β© Duke Athletics

Shoutout to all of our Bull City residents: Let’s make R.J. Barrett feel as at home in Durham as he does in Missassagua. At home, he’s had back-to-back 30+ point games, He started the series with a monster dunk and simply never looked back. During this game, Barrett had 35 points and 9 rebounds, plus a few smart assists. He’s going to be fun to watch come the regular season.

Zion as Amazing as Ever

People across the sports world have come to a consensus: Zion Williamson is even better than we imagined. He’s an elite scorer, but there’s way more to his game than dunks (as electrifying as they may be; see above). He’s a smart passer, his athleticism makes him a remarkably good rebounder, and his basketball IQ is very, very high.

Next Up- McGill

The Blue Devils wrap up their Canadian Tour tomorrow as they visit Montreal to take on McGill University at 3pm tomorrow

Bleed blue.

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