Brennan Besser Completes His Trip Across America


Image result for brennan besser
Brennan Besser (53). Courtesy: Duke Athletics.

What an amazing achievement for a worthy cause. This summer, Brennan Besser spent the bulk of his time biking all the way from Seattle, Washington, to New York City. He did so to raise awareness and money for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, or the IDD community.


Besser’s 23-year-old sister, Jacqueline, has autism and is nonverbal with limited motor skills and was the inspiration for this fundraiser. He finished yesterday in New York and is planning to hold a basketball clinic today and tomorrow. In Illinois, where the family lives, public funding ends at the age of 21 for the IDD community. They, like many other families across the country, are planning for when she leaves the house.

Coach K himself praised Besser during a statement in May when the trip was announced, saying:

Brennan has contributed in so many ways to our program, whether it be in preparation, spirit, or work-ethic — he’s a one-of-a-kind walk-on. I love him, and the spirit he brings is infectious on this team. Nothing he does surprises me, because almost everything he does is not about him. It’s about his talents, his emotion and his effort to help others. This is a terrific thing that he’s doing this summer and he’ll accomplish so much for so many people.

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