Marvin Bagley, III, MB3FIVE, drops rap mixtape

NBA players love to rap, and while few of them are quality, players such as Dame Lillard have made a name for themselves in the world of music. Marvin Bagley, III, is one of the best I’ve seen, honest. My favorite, personally, is depicted below. “Breathe” was written during a season in which Bagley was unable to play during high school.

Cool, huh? ESPN wrote a cool story on him, including his rapping:

Marvin Bagley III raps like he plays basketball, smooth and fast. Dressed in Duke sweats, Bagley wedges his 6-foot-11, 234-pound body into a recording booth just outside of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. On the other side of the glass are teammates Grayson Allen and Brennan Besser, who have come not only to listen but to bust his chops.

— Elizabeth Merrill, ESPN

Anyhow, you can find his full mixtape below and at this link.

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